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It affects all kinds of shows, from long-running, renowned series like "Frasier" and "Seinfeld" to action shows like "Alias" to quirky comedies like "30 Rock."The cover-up option requires help from the prop and wardrobe departments."Towards the end of the pregnancy, it's such a group effort," said costume designer Kirston Mann, who has worked with pregnant actresses on her current show, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," plus "Parks and Recreation," "United States of Tara" and "Up All Night.""Yes, we get big bags (for them to hold) and props gets laundry baskets and then sometimes, it's just like (actresses are) sitting at a desk ... The fifth season implemented the usual hijinks at first, including Jess (Deschanel) being laid up in bed after breaking a lot of bones while falling down a flight of stairs, and then having to ride a scooter.So far we know there is some serious dating going on in “New Girl” Season 4.With Nick and Jess newly single, who better to assist in the pickup action than their single friends?That means fans shouldn’t lose hope for Ce Ce and Schmidt (Max Greenfield). There have been ups and downs, growing pains and people getting scared of commitment. He’s coming off of a slutty summer while she’s broken up with her boyfriend, and they still have this great chemistry and connection,” she says.Hannah Simone tells Zap2it this is a perfect time for a happily-ever-after for the couple. When asked whether it’s Ce Ce and Schmidt, not Jess and Nick, who is the couple everyone is rooting for, Simone remains optimistic.“There’s a woman crazy after Winston, that he knows and has known about for some time,” Morris reveals.Morris also wants fans to know that if they see him at a bar they shouldn’t be afraid to challenge him to a game of “True American.” He reveals he has a reputation of playing in the past.

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It would be too soon for Amy (Fumero) and Jake (Andy Samberg) to have a little one on the way. The actress: Kerry Washington, "Scandal"What they did: Hid it. The show's fans knew the real-life star was pregnant, and all the ridiculous ways they covered her bump provided a drinking game of sorts.

"Free tip: if you are going to compliment a woman don't start with how great her calves look").

If there's another lesson traveling has taught her, it's certainly to have fun with fashion.

She says, “I don’t know what is going to happen this season, but I feel like [Ce Ce & Schmidt] are in a really good place that if something were to [happen], we’d all be so on board with them.” Season 4 also brings about some career changes, such as Winston embracing his new power status. I really want to go after the drug dealers of the world and just put guns to people’s heads and do some ‘New York Undercover‘ stuff,” the actor jokes.

Lamorne Morris tells Zap2it he hopes his character really gets into his new position as an officer of the law. Morris says after mostly lusting after his cat last season, things are looking up in the love department for Winston in Season 4.

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