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” My take: The aspect of this response that resonated with me was the option to call or email the customer back rather than forcing them to wait.Anything that reduces customer wait times or effort, I’m generally in favor of. If it has to do with product or service quality, we’d like to know because we’re always striving to improve.” My take: I like that, rather than essentially saying, “Done.Thanks to the fact that it's very customizable, this match making software can power all types of niche websites: all profile types, attributes, categories are customizable including search & registration attributes; the matchmaker software is also multi-language and multi-template based; the included flash streaming video chat is oriented towards dating and adult usability as it implements on chat and on site private session support; these dating scripts include social networking and community modules like the friends network and events & birthdays calendar.Key Features: Agency Management, Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Multiple Templates, Search Feeds, Custom attributes and categories, Couples and Groups Support, Zone Filters, US Zip Search, Integrated Forum, Integrated Chat, Referral tracking, Content Management, Banners/Ads Management, Custom Memberships, Search Filters, Matches Newsletter, Blogs, Friends Network, Multimedia Content, Events Calendar, Link Exchange Directory, Support Tickets, Newsletters, 100% Web Based Video Chat.

Do you mind holding for two minutes while I research the solution or would it be more convenient for me to call or email you back with an answer instead?Ultimate matchmaking software that supports registration of personal, couple and agency accounts.This is an advanced matchmaking, dating, personals script with complex customization options including rights system, custom membership upgrade packages, 100% customizable profile attributes editor and categories, content management system, unlimited profiles per account, unlimited pictures, custom payment gateways, internal messaging, content management system, integrated help system, variable attributes / upgrade packages for different account types, multiple admin tool scripts.Scenario 3) What to say to a customer asking to cancel their subscription: Suggested script: “I’m sorry to hear that you want to cancel your subscription, [their name]. Sorry it didn’t work out”, the chat rep demonstrated concern for the product and service quality experienced by subscribers by soliciting feedback.Scenario 4) How to respond to a service interruption question: Suggested script: “Hello, [their name].

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