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In order to invite a player from the invite queue you can do one of three different things: Locking is a way for SGI to keep track of which players you already have tried to invite during the last two months.If you have tried to invite a player, and they received the invite, they will be on this list and will not be bothered by you again for at least 2 months.icrosoft has signed off Windows 10 Build 10240 as the final RTM build.

Super Guild Invite supports 3 modes of inviting players: Localization for German and French Functional localization for all clients (inviting and whispering should now work no matter what language) NEW: interactive ingame help interface, that can fix your problems NEW: You can now add name exceptions that will prevent a player with the phrase in their name from being invited NEW: Inversed DK filter, you can now choose to always include DKs 55-58 Blacklist update: People that can be confirmed not to have recieved an invite will not be blacklisted. Turn on "Auto Blacklist" and choose how many declines you want before automatically blacklisting the player (default: 3) It's been requested many, many times and now it's finally here! We are level 25 and quickly growing, join for much fun!

I mean, I know my system is an older one, Mostly has to do with your internet download speed, and how much the servers are throttled back to account for the number of people downloading at the time.

My install only took about 40 minutes to completion.

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